Ge Family Office

Ge Family Office

Empower family heritage

Study deep into the root of matter for your family wealth based on five kinds of moralities:benevolence, Righteousness, manners, wisdom and trustworthines

Excellence and stability & long-term win-win  & maintaining awareness of the world

Focus on excellence & well-grounded development

Introduction to Ge Family Office

Ge Family Office is a joint investment platform featuring family wealth management and inheritance. It integrates excellent domestic and foreign private banks, law firms, insurance companies, trust institutions and other resources to provide unique full-services for ultra-high net worth clients. The full range of wealth management and family services to enable the long-term development of assets to meet the expectations and expectations of the family, and enable its assets to be successfully passed on across generations and to maintain and increase in value. The Ge Family Office ensures that professional people do professional things, pays attention to internal inheritance factors, liberates entrepreneurs’ time and energy, improves self-efficiency, condenses family interests, and fundamentally solves the problem of corporate inheritance.

Family Trust

Our family trust is a kind of property management entrusted by an individual or a family to manage and dispose of family wealth. It has the functions of confidentiality, asset protection, and legal tax saving, and is an important tool for the continuation of the family spirit.

Family Fund

Family funds can effectively operate, preserve, manage, and invest in family property in accordance with the expectation of founders. Meanwhile, they can use the fund as a lever to jointly invest with other families and expand the scale of asset management.

Single Account

The single acount is the establishment of a family independent account, mainly to meet the needs of large-scale asset allocation and investment. The separate accounts are comprehensively managed by the administrator, and the valuation and evaluation reports are carried out by a specialized accounting agency.

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