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Data-driven structural value investment

About Legal Capital

Established in 2016, Legal Capital is an investment management company initiated by a number of investment professionals with rich practical experience in China and globally.

The core business of Legal Capital includes three major sectors: private equity, public securities investments, and M&A. Legal Capital has built solid professionals around the fields of internet, technology, new infrastructure and healthcare, and has incubated and invested in a number of high profiled industry leaders.

Legal Capital’s management company is called Zhuopu (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd., which is licensed for private equity management in China, with registration number P1025718 issued by the China Securities Investment Fund Association. 

Our Service

Private Equity

Focusing on data-driven deep research and incubating and investing in the global technology leaders

SPAC Listing

Pioneering SPAC listing in China, building value and growing together with partners in capital markets

Public Securities

Pioneering value investment 3.0, making use of big data and artificial intelligence to empower asset management industry

Why to Choose Legal Capital

Becoming the Respected World-Class Investment Institution

World Class

We firmly believe in the superb philosophy, focus on private equity and securities investments in the top tier global technology leaders, and grow alongside the best entrepreneurs

Data Driven

We firmly believe in the important role data plays in value investment, and make full use of big data and artificial intelligence to empower the asset management industry

Professional Team

Our team members come from a group of top tier investment banks, private equity funds and family offices, with rich resources and practical management experience

Our Perspective


Our Perspective

Becoming a respected world-class investment institution



Data-driven structural value investment, build a learning organization


Core Value

Customers first, striving for the first, embracing change

passion, integrity, and dedication

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