Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Mr. Ma specializes in overseas investment for high-quality capital and enjoys abundant practical experience, with a J.D. Degree from Cornell Law School, Bachelor of Law/Economics from Peking University.

Before founding Legal Capital, he has been a senior manager in the investment arm for People’s Bank of China, participating in the investment and risk management for China’s 4 trillion foreign exchange reserve (the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world), where he had cooperated with Stella private equity firms on Wall Street such as KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle, Apollo, as well as top hedge funds such as Citadel and BlackRock. He has participated in the investment and risk management for lots of mega projects, such as the establishment of Silk Road Fund, totaled investment of 10 of  billions dollars.

While in Legal Capital, he has made quite a  few investments in global leading technology companies such as Didi, Bytedance and Paytm which turn out to be super unicorn in the wave of new economy.

Farseer Co-Founder & CEO.UBS. Vice President. Private Bank.Aviate Global (A hedge fund focused broker). Founder. Trade sales. Citigroup. Vice President. Equity Research.Tsinghua PBCSF Global Entrepreneurs Program 1st HK startup. Greater Bay Young Entrepreneurs Association. Council Member.

Yang Huai, a PhD in Finance from Fudan University, has worked in top investment banks and commercial banks at home and abroad for a long time, with extensive experience in capital operation, listing and financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Mr Yang previously served as the head of UBS Securities’ China M&A Department, which he achieved billions of dollars in M&A transactions for clients such as PetroChina, Yanzhou Coal, CITIC Metal, China Shenhua, and ICBC’s 45 billion RMB A+H Allotment project. He also has completed the US$22 billion IPO of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, US$3.3 billion IPO of China Shenhua, US$3.5 billion IPO of China Life, and 33 billion yuan of China COSCO Group RMB capital injection, etc., as the vice president at Deutsche Bank’s investment banking department, as well as China Mobile’s US$7.6 billion capital investment and stock issuance projects at Merrill Lynch’s investment banking department.


Lu Mingtai, as a bachelor of Materials Engineering and Science/Finance and Finance at National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, has served as a special assistant to the president at a family office, with management assets of RMB 100 billion for a wealth of domestic and foreign institutional clients. He assisted family offices in project investment in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other places, worked closely with KKR, Rothschild, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Macquarie, etc., as well as participated in multiple real estate, catering and Internet technology.


Gao Jiazhan, a bachelor of Economics from Capital University of Economics and Business, has worked as investment manager at Beijing Investment Banking Department of Industrial Securities, as fund manager at Taiwan Lizhen Group, engaging in launching a 5 billion RMB of RAIF fund in Luxembourg, investment in domestic inter-bank market bonds, as well as bond issuance at brokerage firm.

Pan Wei, post graduated from English translation master at Kunming University of Science and Technology, has worked as data operation manager at AvaTrade company, responsible for data operation and CRM management on overseas trading platforms, specializing  in in-depth research, with 6 medical SCI articles, Asia Asia-Pacific Economic White Paper for the Boao Forum for , etc.

Li Qiang, as a master of Engineering in Power Engineering from Lanzhou University of Technology,  served as a senior operation manager in the engineering machinery + Internet leader Tiejia (C+ round, USD fund led investment), has engaged in media management for nearly 10 million yuan / year with millions of MAU users. He has not only served the world’s top 500 companies such as Caterpillar China, Sany Heavy Industry, WPP Group, etc., but also has media delivery management experience on platforms such as Baidu and Toutiao. 

Yao Minghao, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, former senior manager of Prudential Group (Hong Kong), has engaged in investment research at CDH Investments and ARA Real Estate Fund

As a bachelor of Laws from Peking University, bachelor of Economics from China Economic Research Center, lawyer at Zhong Lun Law Firm, Jia Yong specializes in providing legal service for real estate, private equity and investment funds, asset securitization and financial products, etc.

Graduated from the Wealth Management Seminar of Peking University, Du Dawei had worked at Credit Ease for 11 years in wealth management, wealth management consulting service, as well as Youcheng Entrepreneur Poverty Alleviation Foundation Finance

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